Piston Rings

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We have very large stocks of Piston Rings and are a major supplier of rings to clubs, professional restorers and marque specialists as well as individuals.

We stock rings from around 1” diameter to approximately 9” diameter. We can also make rings to any size up to 36” diameter and can modify stock rings to almost any configuration.

Although most rings are either Plain Compression or Slotted Oil Control types, we can supply others including Stepped Scraper rings or “Ridge Dodger” compression rings.

We can supply any quantity from a single ring to replace a broken one, up to batches of a few hundred or more for Club Spares operations.

Contact us with your sizes for a quote.

Piston Ring ONLY Enquiries
Telephone: Kit on 07377 366214

Email: Rings@coxandturner.co.uk

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Piston Rings
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